Product Review: Benefit Push-Up Liner

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 Happy Friday Glam Dolls!

I have been so excited to try the new gel liner from Benefit, it’s called ‘They’re Real Push Up Liner.’ According to Benefit this is the first ever gel liner in a pen with a soft AccuFlex™ tip. 

In general, I do love using a gel formula for my eye liner but sometimes it just takes too long  and I don’t have the time or patience.  So I’ll use a pencil liner or even sometimes I won’t even use anything and just stick to lining my water line.

I have used this product a few times now and was really happy with it. I loved the fact that it was in a pen form so I didn’t keep on having to get more product on my brush, which allowed me to put it on quicker. I also really loved that it was so black and so matte! 

The best thing about this liner was it made it easier for me to create a winged-eye. I definitely feel that it comes with practice but on my 3rd attempt I was like oh la la I kinda did it! It’s definitely NOT perfect, but I feel like if I keep practicing I might be able to get it where I want it! 

If you love gel eye liner & have always tried to do a winged liner but never could quite get it….def try this! You won’t be disappointed!!!



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