Product Review: Secrets to keeping a fresh blow dry!

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Happy Friday Glam Dolls!

Yesterday I posted my blow dry routine, but today I want to tell you two little secrets that will help make your blow dry last longer!

If you are like me and don’t wash your hair everyday, but want your hair looking fresh since you make such a big effort to get a nice blow dry, I bought this wonderful shower cap that keeps the moisture from your shower out!! Blow Pro The Perfect Shower Cap.– Ulta $18.00 I know it’s pretty steep for a shower cap, but I love it because it keeps my hair fresh after I take a shower and it protects my hair from getting wet. It will keep your hair super dry…and I love it!!

My second secret to making my blow dry last longer is after I shower and take my hair out of this shower cap I spray it with Loreal EverStyle Engergizing Dry Shampoo – Ulta $6.99.  This stuff seriously smells soooooo gooood. I section the crown of my hair and spray it directly into my roots. It leaves my hair feeling so fresh and clean and absorbs any oils thats there. It definitely preserves my blow dry for an extra day or 2 and I love that!!

These two products are a definite must!! 




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