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Hello Glam Dolls!

Lately my hair has been so dull and frizzy even after blow drying…I’m assuming because of weather and the humidity in the air, but then again who knows. I was struggling because I didn’t know how to fix this…lets just say I was so over my hair!!! 

But….After doing some research I decided to try out these 2 new products and change up the size of my round brush….and let me say I have loved the results!! 

The products I used are:

KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Creme – Ulta $19.99

  • Benefits: Built in heat protectant, smooths out hair, tames frizz 

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Spray – Ulta $17.95/ Trial Size $6.99

  • Benefits: Adds volume to the roots of your hair

Brush Lab 3.5inch Barrel – Ulta $15.99

  • Benefits: Adds volume & smooth frizz free hair

How I use the products:

After washing my hair I let it sit in a towel for about 15-20 minutes so the excess water gets soaked up nicely. Afterwards, I brush my hair and air dry it til its about 50% dry (if you are in a rush, you can always do a quick blow dry to get your hair about 50% dry)…You want to make sure your hair is not super wet when applying these products. Next, I part my hair down the middle and split it into 2 sections. I take 1 pump of the the KMS Free Shape Hot Flex Creme and rub it into the palm of my hands and evenly distribute it to the lower half of my hair, then I take what is left over and rub it into my roots. Next, I take the Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus Spray and shake the bottle really well, then spray it into the palm of my hands, then rub together and apply this to the root of your hair. Try to massage this pretty well into the roots for optimal results. Be careful not to apply too much, you only need a little amount of this.

Now that you have the product in your hair, you want to quickly blow dry your hair til it’s about 75-80% dry. Flip your hair upside down so you can really the moisture out and also it will give you some nice volume :). Now that your hair is 80% dry, start sectioning your hair and blow drying it in these  different sections with your round brush. With each section, when you are done, be sure to use the cool shot button on your blow dryer for 10-20seconds. This will help seal in the smoothness and give you frizz-free hair 🙂

I hope you try these products out, I’m sure you will love it as much as I do!  Currently, I am on hunt for  a new blow dryer….if you have any favs, let me know!!





5 thoughts on “Blowdry Routine

  1. Wow your hair looks amazing. My hair has been dry to due to the humidity and very frizzy. I’m not sure if these products are in the uk. Have not seen them before 😔

    Btw your beautiful 😊x


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