..Ombré Hair..


Hi Beauties!

This is my first POST on my very own Beauty Blog…and I’m SO EXCITED…alright..here we GO!!!  🙂 

In the last year or so I have been so obsessed with the look of ombré hair, but I was always so hesitant to try it…what if it didn’t look good?! But after being inspired by various celebrities & friends…I decided to take the plunge! 

What does ombré even mean you wonder? Ombré(a french word) specifically means “shadow” or “shade”.  Okay, so now lets break it down in relation to hair…. it simply implies a graduation of color from dark to light, or vice-versa.

My hair stylist was quite confident when I explained to her what I was looking for. I did show her some pictures of celebrities (Camila Alves & Kim Kardashian) and I loved the fact that she was so on top of it. She quickly mixed the color and we got started…..

I’m not gonna lie, the process was long and kinda dreadful… she began to tease the bottom half of my hair in pieces  and applied the color on the hair that she teased then wrapped it with foil. She explained there are different ways to get the Ombré hair, but she found this the best way to get the look. I sat for about 45minutes, which wasn’t so bad. Okay, here comes the dreadful part…she took me over to the sink and started to unwrap the foil, and because she had teased my hair in pieces …she now had to brush it all out…OUCH! I have a hard head and even I was cringing . FINALLY..after 45 minutes it was finally all combed out and she continued to wash & condition my hair.  She ooo-ed and awww-ed at the color and was very proud of her work and even said this was one of the best ombre’s she had done. 

Aside from brushing out the teased hair…I really loved the color  and was so happy that I finally decided to do it. One of the advantages about having Ombré hair is when your roots start to grow in you don’t have to run to the salon to get it touched up (like when you get your hair highlighted).

If you have always loved the Ombré look, I would say do it!!! It’s definitely a wonderful look for the summer time 🙂





8 thoughts on “..Ombré Hair..

  1. Me too! I wanna try for this summer? Do you feel like you got more split ends? My hairs tends to do that when I used to highlight. Any tips to prevent and maintain?


    • I’m glad you asked this question…..I’m going to be honest…anytime you use a color treatment for your hair it will damage it…however if you are anything like me, you still want to do it! Try to give yourself an at home hot oil treatment once a week. I use almond oil and heat it up and really rub it in to my scalp. After you are done, you can always use a warm towel (make wet and microwave) to put over your heat to really allow the oil to penetrate into your hair/scalp. Also make sure to always use a heat protectant when using a blowdryer/straightening iron. And of course, regular maintenance of hair trims every 6-8 weeks. All these things will keep your hair looking fresh, healthy and split end free 🙂


  2. Did you notice your hair drying out after dying it? I want to try this but too scared it will dry out my hair. Also did the stylist have to use bleech first?

    Btw it says you have Instagram ? Be cool to follow you but it said it had an error….


    • yah she used bleach but she didn’t leave it on for very long….i didn’t feel my hair was super dried out…and i love the way it looks! When i do my normal blow dry routine and use the KMS product, my hair is left usually pretty soft n silky 🙂


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